On August 2007, Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren released "Knytt Stories", a 'metroidvania' game with reminiscences of games like "Ico". The game had a very good design, and its user-generated content was very fun to play. The game was released for PC, and some fans asked for a console adaptation. At that time, I was considering to make a simple homebrew RPG for the DS. In fact, We worked from 1996 to 2006 in our very own PC RPG, but due to many factors we never finished it. However, after playing Knytt Stories and making a story for it, I realized that it was a perfect game for the DS, with lots of user-generated content that could provide hours and hours of fun. Besides, I really wanted to finish a game - to show myself that I was able to do it. As a result, the remake of Knytt Stories, KSDS (Knytt Stories DS), was born.

What went right

What went wrong


For us, the creation of KSDS has been a very time consuming process, but we were able to provide a finished remake that is very close to the spirit of the original game. Moreover, as the source code (written in the C language) is available as open source, it can be ported to any present or future platform. This way, the legends of Juni will be enjoyed in the future.

Development Statistics

Last Update: February 19th, 2010