...what can we teach to you?

This guide was (and is) written by two guys who love CRPG's. They (we) played a lot 2D CRPG's, and a few 3D ones. One of their dreams was making a CRPG, so during the past 8 years they tried to develop a 2D CRPG. They're still trying.

During the way, they learn lots of things. How to put an sprite into a game, how to animate it, how to make them to interact with each other... also they learn how to write a CRPG, what things make a CRPG a fun experience and what things are only suitable for some people.

But all this development was done in 2D. When 3D games appeared, they still worked with 2D, because they didn't want to make a killer CRPG, or even a pseudo-Final Fantasy 3D. What they were seeking was to discover the "kernel", the "heart" of CRPGs. Every CRPG is (almost) the same game, but with lots of variants that make them different and unforgettable.

So, when this guys started to write this guide, they could only teach about what they know. And what are the things they know?: Amateur CRPG programming ^_^. So, with this guide, you'll learn what is behind the CRPGs you have always played. 2D, or 3D. It does not matter. Well, matters. we'll talk you about 2D CRPGs ^_^.

 Will be this guide useful for you?

Well, if you looked at the title of this section, you'll know that this guide is newbie-oriented ^_-. But maybe you can learn something, or you can teach all of us something interesting ^_^.
Let's do some partitions here. Who are you? Noob, Amateur, Professional, Hironobu Sakaguchi?

 Pure Noob. You know nothing of CRPG programming. Also, you have no idea about programming in general.
Hiya!. in this guide you'll learn about CRPG programming, and i hope you'll be able to make a simple CRPG only with your brain, fingers and lots of spare time. But you won't learn anything about programming. Why? 'Cause programming is only a part in the process of making an CRPG, and also there's a lot of tutorials out there explaining how to make programs. And, by the way, the language on which you make your CRPGs does not matter. C, C++, C#, Delphi/Pascal, Java, Basic, Game-Oriented languages,... The important thing here is THE GAME. The other things are only the tools.

 Noob. You know how to make programs, but not how to make games. Of any kind.
Hi!. You'll learn here how to make a CRPG 2D game, and also you will learn about techniques that are commonly used in other game genres.

 Amateur. You know how to make games. Even how to make CRPG Games.
Hello buddy!. I hope you learn with us new techniques for your games. Also I hope that you'll share some of your knowledge ^_^.

 Professional. You live with making games. You know the entire process, you have suffered it in your flesh, in your pocket, in your hours of night-working.
Wellcome. Only i can say that i'm glad of you visiting this site. Thank you. And If you want to share some of your knowledge, Lots of thanks.

 Hironobu Sakaguchi, Richard Garriott, and other RPG Gurus.
I Salute you, great master. Thank you to you and your companions for making this life full of dreams.