sequencism is a music sketchbook tool that allows the creation of short and simple pieces of music. It is designed to provide a traditional user interface of track and piano roll editors, while taking advantage of the touch-screen capabilities of the iPad. It also includes other helper tools, such as chord helper tracks.

Note that the main goal of this app is to work as a sketchbook, thus I do not recommend sequencism for musicians that want to fully produce a complex song using only this app, or want to play songs live on stage.


Current Features

  • Simple track mixer and visual mixer (volume, pan)
  • Multitrack editor: MIDI instrument tracks, chord helper tracks
  • Support for SF2╦č and AUv3 instruments
    • ╦člightweight SF2 files only
  • AUv3 Effects
  • AUv3 MIDI
  • Piano roll editor: add, move, copy notes within blocks
  • MIDI keyboard, supports multiple scales, including user-defined scales
  • Support for diatonic and chromatic chords, borrowed chords (modal interchange)
  • Automatic transposing when changing chords or scales
  • Supports Audiobus 3 and Ableton Link
  • Support for MIDI keyboards, including Bluetooth keyboards
  • Export to MIDI

Planned Features

  • Undo, Redo
  • Automation
  • Import MIDI files (improve existing support)


This tool was born out of curiosity and necessity - as a tool that would accompany me (a music illiterate) in a lifelong quest of expressing myself through music. As such, this tool includes certain elements, such as chord helper tracks and more fluid piano roll interfaces, that are not found in other apps.

If you are a musician that wants to produce professional tracks, or to take your music to the stage, I recommend you to check other apps. The iOS music ecosystem is incredibly vibrant, with many affordable apps from awesome individuals and established companies that will help you in your own quest. However, if you want to accompany me in my quest, I'll do my best in creating a tool that will inspire you to create your own music.

Sincerely, Rodrigo Roman Castro